Aerospace Sector training and development
CLM Training has a deep understanding of the Aerospace sector and can help you maintain competitiveness in the face of increased rivalry and tightening regulations.
Automotive Sector - Training and Development
Our team has global experience in enhancing the efficiency of the Automotive supply chain from leading auto brands to SME suppliers.
Environmental Training - ISO 14001, environmental regulation and legislation
Environmental issues make frequent headlines and environmental legislation is becoming increasingly stringent.  Effective business systems are the key to ongoing success in this area!
EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) - Training and Development
EMC compliance has become a key issue for international manufacturers as regulations tighten and the impact of unwanted electromagnetic emissions becomes better understood.
Medical Devices - Training, Development and Consultancy
There is acute pressure on manufacturers of medical devices to ensure that production processes are error free and that finished products are safe to use. The standards regime is naturally very rigorous.
Professional Services - Training and Development
If your business is in the Professional Services sector (whether you offer legal, accountancy, consultancy, architectural or medical services) then you will know that client expectations and the threat of competition are increasing all of the time.
Security - International Transport and Distribution
CLM Training is particularly focused on security in international transport and distribution. The growth in world trade has stimulated a massive increase in the use of containers for shipping components and finished goods around the globe. There is almost no inspection of the contents of containers and illegal items such as explosives, drugs and even people can easily be hidden.