Tailored In-House Course Pathways

Most training given to staff is based on fulfilling an immediate need rather than as part of a structured programme of improvement in response to an organizational change, or individual development programme.

The challenge for every company is to continually improve its tools and techniques in order to remain competitive. At CLM Training we can help you to achieve this goal and improve your profitability through ‘Pathways’ our modular training programme. We will design a customized training and development package, with a timing and cost plan, to suit your particular need.

Many organizations today rely on their first line managers to identify their staff training needs, arrange for the training, monitor and review progress. Why not let CLM Training manage the task for you leaving you free to perform your specialist function?

Just go to the Pathways Planner and identify all the subjects that are of interest then call or email us to discuss how to make things happen!