Make It Happen
Management today is a potential minefield and errors can be costly. Management is concerned with all those issues, which may be categorized as ‘making it happen’. This means designing, implementing and maintaining the necessary processes, policies and procedures to deliver the business plan. Continually monitoring performance, responding to changing customer and business priorities, and planning in all of it forms. Managers need a wide range of skills and knowledge to control variables over which they may have little control, to deliver on time, on budget and ensure customer satisfaction.

Individual managers take responsibility for their staff. Organisations traditional organise themselves in a hierarchy which defines responsibilities and reporting lines along which information is passed and decisions are made. Individual staff take ownership and responsibility for their tasks. Performance is measured, and where necessary corrective actions are taken.

External Assessment
CLM Training consultants will support your management team to ensure they are aware of all the applicable quality, regulatory and legal employment requirements. We can assess skills and competency requirements and help you develop and improve your workforce. We design bespoke programmes to continuously improve work practices, communication, staff morale and the essential HR issues.

We can coach all levels of management from Chief Executive Officers to those new to management or those just requiring a refresher in modern management practices.

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