AS/EN 9100 Aerospace

The AS 9100 family of standards is an ISO 9001 based standard with additions and interpretations specific to the aerospace industry with emphasis on safety, reliability and regulatory compliance for aerospace products.

The standard represents the harmonisation of the aerospace quality management system standards sponsored by many of the world’s largest aerospace companies including: Airbus Industrie, The Boeing Company, General Electric, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls Royce

Its importance can be seen from the fact that The Federal Aviation Administration has determined that AS9100 is "a comprehensive quality standard containing the basic quality control/assurance elements required by the current Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 14, Part 21." Both the U.S. Department of Defence and NASA have reviewed the standard and have published guidance material on using the standard for contractual requirements.


Aerospace customers are now placing the requirement for conformance on their aerospace part and/or process suppliers.

Whether you are a stockist, distributor, maintenance organisation or manufacturer working within the aerospace sector, CLM can provide you with the full range of services to ensure you are compliant with AS/EN 9100, AS/EN 9110 and AS/EN 9120

The AS 9100 Family

AS/EN 9100: Model for Quality Assurance in Design, Development, Production, Installation and Servicing

AS/EN 9110: Requirements for Maintenance Organizations

AS/EN 9120: Requirements for Stockist Distributors

Benefits of AS/EN 9100 Certification

Benefits include:

  • access to the best practices of the aerospace industry
  • demonstration of your commitment to deliver quality products and services to your customers
  • updating your quality management system in line with the global standard adopted by the aerospace industry
  • improving your new market / new customer prospects on a worldwide basis
  • reducing the number of 2nd party audits

Do you have a customer pressing you to implement an AS/EN9100 quality management system? 

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