John Mather is CLM Training's business management systems expert

His experience covers a wide range of industries including gas distribution, automotive, electronics and opticals. John’s client list includes companies such as Apple, British Gas, Daimler Chrysler and Goodyear.

He has a proven track record in improving the operational performance of organizations by increasing productivity and reducing waste.

John emphasises the use of ISO 9001 standards as the building blocks for improved management systems but always pushes clients to move beyond the standards.

His view is that; “Business improvement all about Process, Communications and People. If you don’t bring your staff into the heart of the system then you will not achieve lasting results!”

John believes that a large part of his role in developing management systems is to help clients guard against complacency.

As he says; “Complacency is the enemy of success in regulated environments. My aim is to build both reward and enforcement mechanisms into the business to keep staff and management focused. I also aim to stay involved with my clients for the long term to give an objective perspective on on-going performance”

As a trainer John takes a refreshing approach to designing and delivering programmes to meet clients’ needs. Imagine a normal quality training course where the “Q word” is banned and “death by Powerpoint” is replaced by interaction and engagement.

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