Peter Westbrook is CLM Training’s change management principal.

Peter is an expert in the deployment of the EFQM Excellence Model as well as techniques such as the Balanced Scorecard and Six Sigma.

Peter has a wide range of experience across industry sectors including manufacturing, ICT, central government, construction, travel, and recruitment. His clients range from blue chips to SMEs, including O2, Marks and Spencer, DfEE and BMW.

He exemplifies CLM’s emphasis on the importance of managing and motivating people in the organisation to achieve business objectives.

"My major role in assignments is to facilitate the transfer of people’s energy and motivation into acceptance and enthusiasm for change. Creating teams that are focused on improvements in quality, in reviewing and amending processes or ensuring that the organisation becomes customer-centric are the challenges I relish when working with new clients.”

Peter’s approach is to use his breadth of experience to build rapport and develop a firm understanding of client needs before providing any implementation recommendations. And his enthusiasm for helping clients is noticeable very quickly.

“Peter’s understanding coupled with his insatiable and contagious enthusiasm which has been caught by senior management attending has allowed the process to move forward in a most pleasing manner.” Iain McIvor, Quality & Improvement Operations Manager, Orange PCS

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